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Why Choose Us

Always adhere to the concept of environmental protection, pursue the dream of "green earth", provide the most favorable product prices for customers with a common concept, and build an environmentally friendly world together.

Excellent production capacity, always following strict production processes and standardized rules, able to provide various high-quality products stably for a long time.
Rich project experience, providing numerous products, installation, and after-sales services to customers worldwide.
The product range is complete, achieving one-stop procurement of products such as solar power generation systems and energy storage systems, saving customers time and costs.
Provide OEM manufacturing of solar system products with various specifications, technologies, capacities, and configurations to meet the diverse application needs of customers in different fields.
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Our Strength is Recognized by Customers

Our company is a research and development and manufacturing new energy company focused on data center products, photovoltaic new energy products, electric vehicle charging products, and energy storage products. We are a leading provider of comprehensive solutions in the industry.

It has won the ISO Advanced Management System Certification, CQC, TUV, UL, CE and other Professional certification of domestic and foreign products, among others, "Key Enterprise of Strategic Emerging Industries", "National High tech Innovation Enterprise", "National Excellent Intellectual Property Enterprise".

OEM Solar Products
Professional Production Equipment
Our Production Equipment Is Professional
Our company has multiple factories specializing in the production of solar panels, batteries, and inverters in the Pearl River Delta (with a daily production capacity of 10 million solar panels, a daily output of one million watt-hours of batteries, and a daily output of 2000 inverters).

The company has a highly intelligent automatic photovoltaic module production line certified by TUV, as well as advanced experimental and production equipment.

Having a complete industrial chain, with advantageous prices and quality; Through innovation, independent research and development, and the application of industry-leading technology, we have the ability to provide customized services in all aspects.
OEM/ODM Service Process
We have OEM and ODM services to provide you with a one-stop customized service for solar systems. This not only saves your procurement time and improves your efficiency, but also avoids issues such as incompatibility between products purchased from different manufacturers. 
Plus our sales staff's WHATSAPP and WeChat.
Provide your logo, design, packaging/OEM.
Provide scenarios where solar systems need to be installed, including the required level of protection (IPXX).
Provide your basic needs, such as the required backup energy storage duration, equipment load to be carried, and local average sunshine duration.
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Our company's technical personnel will design a customized solar system for you based on the above technical requirements and basic parameters, including the wattage and quantity of solar panels (currently the mainstream solar panel in the world is single crystal 550W), the kilowatt hour of the inverter, the voltage and ampere hour of the battery, and other technical indicators.
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Both parties shall revise and finalize the technical indicators.
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The customer needs to pay in full.
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Design and production time: We will inform you of our progress on a weekly basis.
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Delivery: After production is completed, deliver according to the address you provided.
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Production Technology
We can provide OEM manufacturing of solar system products in various specifications, technologies, capacities, and configurations, meeting the diverse application needs of customers in different fields.
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If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to the customer service team. 
Discover top-notch solar system solutions and high-quality solar products from GuoYuan, a leading solar products supplier. We specialize in providing comprehensive renewable energy solutions tailored to your needs.
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