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2022 Gathering Smart Energy to Build a Double Carbon Future


2022 Gathering Smart Energy to Build a Double Carbon Future 1


With the continuous expansion of the brand influence of the Digital Expo, governments, professional media, association alliances, and professional clients from all over the world have participated in this international grand event. Guoyuan Modern's bright and oversized booth, innovative solutions, and interactive display of physical objects and models have attracted multiple media outlets to report on the event, as well as delegations from various public institutions, industry associations, and professional audiences. The on-site atmosphere is warm. Among them, digital communication conducted an interview live broadcast on the Guoyuan exhibition booth, and customers from various countries conducted in-depth inquiries with relevant professionals regarding Guoyuan's innovative development concept of green and smart energy and innovative solutions that integrate data and storage. They greatly appreciated Guoyuan's innovative measures and practices in the construction of green and low-carbon data center infrastructure, and planned to visit and exchange in-depth information at Guoyuan headquarters.

A hundred foot pole head, further progress. The exhibition is coming to an end, and the national yuan is still moving forward. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the original intention and concept of "customer first, craftsmanship as quality", comply with the pulse of the times and market development, continuously explore and innovate, and provide more new ideas and methods for the development of green smart energy. We will work with more industry colleagues and partners to further build a better digital world.

Having been with SNEC for many years, Guoyuan has always regarded every encounter as its first sight, adhering to the quality of craftsmanship and meticulously carving every detail. The double-layer exhibition space created by the National Yuan SNEC Exhibition perfectly integrates technology, green, and fashion elements, allowing attendees to have a close and multi-dimensional understanding of the products, with a strong sense of experience and interaction.

In this exhibition, with the theme of "Zero Carbon Optical Storage for the Future", Guoyuan has devoted itself to creating five major solution exhibition areas, showcasing more than ten optical storage products suitable for multiple application scenarios such as household use, industry and commerce, and large power plants. With the advantages of high quality, high power, and high safety performance, it has welcomed wave after wave of visitors.

For many years, Guoyuan has always adhered to craftsmanship and intelligent manufacturing, focusing on user pain points and difficult problems, investing a lot of research and development energy, innovating, iterating, and upgrading products and solutions, committed to providing high-quality services and multi scenario smart energy solutions to global users, and assisting in a green and low-carbon new life.


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