GuoYuan is the honest professional high-tech solar products supplier and services brand.

We are a leading global solar system supplier with sales company coordinates in Beijing and factory coordinates in Guangdong

We provide design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance services for industrial, commercial, and household solar system solutions to nearly a thousand industry users in multiple countries and regions.
With 20+ years of experience
Covers an area of 200000+m²
Has more than 3200 employees
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GuoYuan's Products and Services

Guoyuan International focuses on providing professional solar system solutions for global industrial and commercial applications, with the company's products and services mainly focused on:

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Solar System Solutions
Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy Systems Are Mainly Divided into Two Categories

● Grid connected system, mainly including solar panel and Grid-tie inverter.

● Off grid system, mainly including solar panels, batteries, controllers, inverters.

Other auxiliary equipment includes photovoltaic brackets, cables, etc.; In addition, depending on the capacity of the system, it may be necessary to configure equipment such as combiner boxes, AC/DC distribution cabinets, etc

Energy storage system applications mainly include household energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, and large-scale energy storage systems.

Power supply applications mainly include OEM manufacturers and aftermarket parts markets in three wheel, four wheel Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, material transportation and other industries.

Professional and Reliable Supplier

Adhering to the core values of customer-centric and customer-centered goals, Guoyuan International continuously improves and optimizes its products and services. It can provide OEM manufacturing of solar system products in various specifications, technologies, capacities, and configurations, meeting the diverse application needs of customers in different fields.

Our mission is to deliver the most valuable and technologically advanced solar products and services to every corner of the Earth, making our green planet greener and more environmentally friendly. Choosing our products and services is equivalent to choosing integrity, professionalism, high-tech, and high cost-effectiveness.

Professional and Reliable Supplier
Environment Showcase
The company has a highly intelligent automatic photovoltaic module production line certified by TUV, as well as advanced experimental and production equipment.
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Making Our Green Planet Greener and More Environmentally Friendly

Our Honor Certificate
It has won the ISO Advanced Management System Certification, CQC, TUV, UL, CE and other Professional certification of domestic and foreign products, among others.
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