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Lithium Iron Battery

Iron lithium batteries are high-energy density batteries with a nominal voltage of 3.2V. They are significantly smaller and lighter than lead-acid batteries, yet offer about four times the energy density. These batteries prioritize safety with their stable electrochemical performance and structure during charging and discharging, ensuring they do not burn or explode. Additionally, they exhibit excellent high-temperature performance, operating reliably at temperatures up to 55°C.


With a standard discharge rate of 0.2C, iron lithium batteries can handle high power output and support 3C charging and discharging. They also have a long cycle life, maintaining over 80% capacity after 2000 cycles at room temperature with a charge and discharge rate of 1C. Furthermore, the entire production process of these batteries is clean and environmentally friendly, using non-toxic raw materials.


At GuoYuan, we are committed to meeting your long-term requirements by delivering a robust product portfolio that offers exceptional endurance, long life, high energy density, and easy installation. Our lithium iron battery solutions ensure hassle-free operation for any renewable energy application, providing unprecedented value to your needs.

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