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The advantages of GuoYuan Energy Storage Battery:


1. Wide Operating Temperature: Our Energy Storage Battery operates seamlessly in temperature environments ranging from -30°C to 60°C, ensuring reliable performance.

2. Excellent Low-Temperature Performance: Designed to withstand low temperatures, our Energy Storage Battery can be utilized in colder regions without any issues.

3. Consistent Capacity: Enjoy consistent capacity when using batteries in both series and parallel configurations, ensuring reliable power output.

4. Enhanced Charging Acceptance: Our Energy Storage Battery exhibits strong charging acceptance even in unstable charging environments, ensuring efficient charging.

5. Extended Service Life: Benefit from a prolonged service life that minimizes repair and maintenance costs while optimizing your overall system investment.

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Advantages of GuoYuan

We are focuses on providing professional energy system solutions for global industrial and commercial applications

Our mission is to deliver the most valuable and technologically advanced energy products and services to every corner of the Earth, making our green planet greener and more environmentally friendly.
With 20+ years of experience
Covers an area of 200000+m²
Has more than 3200 employees
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Making our green planet  greener and more environmentally friendly
About GuoYuan

Professional Energy System Solutions, Energy Products Supplier

leading solar system supplier
The world's leading Energy system supplier

GuoYuan International focuses on providing professional solar system solutions for global industrial and commercial applications. We provide design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance services for industrial, commercial, and household solar system solutions to nearly a thousand industry users in multiple countries and regions.

More than 150 cooperative countries and regions
Has more than 270 patented technologies
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Factory Environment 
The company has a highly intelligent automatic photovoltaic module production line certified by TUV, as well as advanced experimental and production equipment.
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